Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Saw the CD...

I don't really purchase CDs now that I'm a "downloader". That's why all of the CDs in my car are a) burned, b) Highschool musical sound track(s) or c)...dated. Well I'm sure you can all vouche that High School Musical only lasts you so long till you know like every song by heart, so a few days ago I decided to switch it up. I rummaged through my CD case and pretty much exploded with excitment when I found Ace of Base at the bottom of my collection. Woo-fricken-hoo! I popped that baby in and sang along so loud I didn't even care that my windows aren't tinted.
If you direct your attention to my sidebar for a moment, you'll see that Ace of Base had 3 top hits in 1994. My eight year old self certainly enjoyed them all. I can remember like it was yesterday my sisters and I on my parent's bed creating dance after dance, especially to "The Sign". Now I don't know much about music, besides everything about the Backstreet Boys, but I was curious about AoB so I did a bit of research (I love Wikipedia).

The first interesting tidbit of information I discovered was how the band formed their name. Apparently they went through many options (Kalinin Prospect, CAD (Computer-Aided Disco), Tech-Noir) but finally settled on Ace of Base because the others were impossible to remember. Ace came from the fact that they were "masters of their studio", and base came from the fact that their studio was in the basement of a car repair shop. Alas, they became Ace of Base.

Ace of Base, though mostly popular in the mid 1990's, actually recorded singles and albums steadily through out the 90's and even into the new millenium (with a lesser degree of success of course). Their first album The Sign was given the Guinness World Record for "Best-Selling Debut Album".As for what they band is up to today, apparently they're recording a new album due for release around April 2008. Rumours have started that there will be an accompying world tour. On their official website, there are a few confirmed tour dates for this month and next (unfortunately all venues are overseas).

It would be nice to see Ace of Base in concert, but I know it won't happen. In the mean time, youtube clips and old CDs will do me good. And rockin' out by my lonesome in my car? Well that stuff never gets old for me.


-Christina- said...

OMG!!! I LOVED Ace of Base. I was soooo excited to read this post! haha

Ellen Mace said...

i love this post so much.. i can almost see you in your car getting all excited!! Sooo awesome!