Monday, October 22, 2007

Take this as a Warning

Ugh. This post was supposed to be my BEST post yet. But, due to unfortunate circumstances beyond my own control, this just will not be the case. Now let me tell you this tale, because it is one (sort of) worth telling. In order to do that, we must go back to the day of ...well, sometime about two weeks ago.

It was a typical evening for me - I had been staring at my computer screen for hours, alternating between homework related websites and facebook. Somewhere in the course of all this, my roommate comes into my room and we get into one of those roommate chats - we bash our landlord, we cry about our decreasing account balances, and we laugh at conversations we'd overheard on campus that day. (I wish Windsor had one of these) Anyway, she tells me that in one of these conversations she had/overheard, she learned of a new bar in downtown Windsor called "Old School"(for which I couldn't find a website) . She also learned that it was a bar decorated in an "old-school" fashion, and that it was purely dedicated to playing "old school" tunes, primarily musical hits from the 90's. Well at this point, I'm more excited than a teeny bopper at a Backstreet boys concert, cuz for the sake of my social life and blog, this seems golden, right?


I went there on Saturday night. I, as a 90's lover, was thoroughly disappointed with my experience at the bar, especially because it was such a let-down after two weeks of waiting in suspense. Now on the bright side, the bar was decorated quite nicely - with walls of royal blue, covered with vintage records, and mini basketball nets - I suppose it brought me back a bit. But as for the musical selection - it was not what I thought it would be. I requested Spice Girls, Backstreet boys, and Barbie Girl, but, no dice with the DJ. After this, I realized that maybe what my roommate heard was wrong, and that maybe music from the 90's wasn't "old - school" enough. So, I requested Brown Eyed Girl and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but again, I had no luck.

I'm not hatin' on the bar in general - I had a pleasant time, and enjoyed the 2$ whiskeys. But as for it being a place that is dedicated to the 90's (or even 80's, or 70's for that matter) , other than the decor, I have been clearly misinformed. I recognize this post is written in quite a different style than all of my others, but this was something that I needed to share. Lovers of the 90's, if you too hear that this bar is a place that will take you back to that 90's feel, do not be fooled. I had high hopes to make this a post of praise for a 90's lovin' organization right in our own backyard, but instead, well this is what you get. My experience was nothing out of the ordinary, and my night ended off like it does every other Saturday night - alone in my living room, at 2:30 a.m., trying to remember that Spice Girls Dance...

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Genevieve MacIntyre said...

I remember the Spice Girls dance (the one to "Stop Right Now" right?) so I can show you the moves...oh, and I'm going to see the Spice Girls in TO in Feb...I'm pretty excited!!