Thursday, November 8, 2007

All of THIS, just cuz I forgot about "Shuffle"

Every once in a while, like today, I set my Windows Media Player to "shuffle" and just let the songs play as they may. Completely forgetting that my song choice was on 'shuffle', I failed to deactivate my MSN feature "Turn on what I'm listening to". (Basically this means that any one of my friends online this afternoon could see what songs I was listening to.) I'm not saying that I'm ashamed of my tunes, but we all have our guilty pleasures in life, right? This afternoon, my guilty pleasure took shape in the form of Celion Dion's "My Heart Will Go On".

Actually, it's not right to call this song my guilty pleasure, as I don't even particularly like it. In fact, I even find it mildly annoying. But I am guilty of having it downloaded on my computer. Don't judge me, I bet you've downloaded it too. It's okay, here's the reason why: Titanic. It's pretty much impossible for me to listen to the song without thinking of Titanic, simply because Titanic was huge. Well, yes the ship itself was huge, but I was more pertaining to the 1997 movie. No need for me to explain much - historical tragedy + star crossed lovers = huge blockbuster hit that won enough Oscars (11!) to weigh down the whole Titanic (not funny? K.)

So what I'm wondering is why this film was so popular in the 90's? I mean, there had been earlier adaptations of the Titanic story , but none were comparable to the quality put forth by James Cameron in the '97 version. I'm nor Siskel or Ebert, or even Roeper, but I guess I'll wager a guess. It had to have been that love story (Correction* obviously it was the love story) . Seriously, mention the movie Titanic to any female friend, and I bet she'll turn googly eyed, and go "Awwww". Me being no exception.

I loved Titanic because it went above and beyond love story.

First of all, Jack saves Rose from plunging head first into the Atlantic. Then teaches her how to 'fly'. Rose is then forbidden to see him and they sneak around the ship in secrecy - scandalous. Then of course comes the the naked sketch. Everyone remembers the naked sketch.

Very passionate also was the sex scene, in the car, aboard the ship - will you ever look at a hand print on a fogged window the same again? (sorry, couldn't find a pic) And then of course Rose risks her own life, leaving her family behind, in saving Jack when the ship is going down. On the whole, I adore this film and could watch it over and over. There is however one part of the movie that really pisses me off -the ending. Listen carefully in this clip, as Jack's voice has been edited in, but you'll hear Rose's (in)famous words at the end. (Sorry, only one I could find under ten minutes).

Did ya hear that!? She says she'll never let go. Then she instantly pushes him into the icy waters and he dies. What the hell? Sure, the movie wouldn't have been complete if they had both lived, and as an English major I should understand that figuratively, "in her heart", she won't ever let go (Notice the song in the background?) But in 1997, I was 11, and Leanardo Dicaprio was hot. I walked out of the theatre fairly upset, but my young opinion alone did and does not change the fact that this film was hugely famous in the 90s, with reason. That being said, I guess all good things must come to a (sometimes crappy) end.


Laurie said...

Hey Angie you missed out on some important content of the movie. Rose's mother was pushing her to marry this dope because he was wealthy, and she wanted someone to take care of her and her daughter. So Rose, bucked her mothers wishes for true love.

Great Movie Great Song

Angie said...

that's right, i missed that! that's probably why the love story was so much more intense

Genevieve MacIntyre said...

Haha I hated that too, "I'll never let go, Jack" *then lets him go*

Another thing that bothered me because it was not literal were the words to the Ace of Base song "I saw the sign." I always found it perplexing that she saw the sign and it "opened up here eyes." How can you see a sign if you're eyes aren't open yet?