Sunday, November 4, 2007

Read : Halloween fans who are "all that"

I have not forgotten about my blog or somehow managed to go back to the 90's without plans to return. Rather, I've just been busy - midterms, papers, work, and of course - Halloween. I love Halloween more now-a-days than I did when I was a kid. Besides the fact that candy is now replaced with alcohol (score), I love this holiday primarily because of costumes. At the school pub on Wednesday night, best costume, hands down that I saw : a guy dressed up in a round, black body suit with a piece of white rope shooting up from his head, (I wish I had a picture). When I asked him what he was, he simply replied "I'm da bomb".

"Ha, ha, ha". But not one of those awkward lame laughs, I actually thoroughly enjoyed his costume because he took some 90's slang, "da bomb", and constructed a sweet Halloween costume out of it. So at this point, I'm thinking that I absolutely must make mention to this moment of 90's pride in my blog, but was wary of how I could do so. Alas, after much thought and consideration, I have decided to tell the tale of my Halloween through a short anecdote, using 90's slang as frequently as possible. I'm doing this firstly, because the story of my night is kind of good, and secondly, because I love 90's slang and have thus far had absolutely no other ideas how to work it into my blog.

So, I present to you: Halloween 2007 = Hellasweet (with 90's slang in bold)

I knew Halloween was gonna be hella sweet this year because I opened a can of major whoop ass on my Italian midterm. I bounced outta Dillon Hall feeling like all that and a bag of chips, and practically ran home to start getting ready for my evening. Unfortunately, upon arriving at home, my roommate informed me that she'd be calling it a night in. Okay, so I was just like, as if! I just called some other pals and was like "Whatever, I'm coming out with you chicas instead".

So life was good again, we all got ready together and it was all really girly and fun. Around ten oclock, we departed for the pub and daaaaaaaamn skippy, I kid you not, the line actually wrapped around the building. (K, like, eat my shorts "The Basement", you're a crappy bar anyway). Lucky for me, I spotted classmate Ellen in line and she gave me free cutsies. You go girl! (with finger snap).

After a whole hour of waiting in line, we can finally see the popos and bouncers at the door. This was around the same time that I realized I had left my ID and wallet at home. DANG, major brain fart. So I informed the bouncer of this promptly, and instead of just like telling me it was all ages night, he says that I can call my roommate to bring me my ID. Well, Duh, like three minutes after that, she tells me this bouncer must be bunk cuz it's all ages night anyway. So again, everything is good and my friend lends me a couple bones for cover.

We got inside and hilarity ensued. A good Samaritan, who I think was dressed up as batman, donated to me 20 more bones for the night and my friends and I all had a bitchin' time. I won't delve much deeper into detail because, well, drink specials were wicked cheap and we took advantage of that. But I will end my story by saying that although I dressed up as a nurse, I somehow came home with a pair of angel wings on my back. Thank god Dale canceled class, Halloween 07 totally rocked!

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Laurie said...

Great use of 90's slang Ang--lol