Sunday, November 11, 2007

Help Wanted: TV Junkies

From the time that I started University four years ago, I can count on one hand the number of Saturdays I've been awake before noon. I'm not some scum of the earth loser who sleeps the day away, but weekends are a time where I usually get to embrace the joy of having no school or work obligations. Any student can vouche that catching up on the zzz's is a good thing, but what about the 'bad' part of sleeping in? And especially on Saturday mornings - what, if anything, am I missing?

The reason I wonder this is because growing up in the 90's, sleeping in on a Saturday would have meant missing out on solid Saturday morning TV. But whatever happened to those programs? I don't wake up early often, but the few (errr...3) times that I have watched morning TV on a Saturday, I'm pretty sure the pickings have been slim.

Admittedly, I could be wrong, and if I am, I wish to be corrected. Please, those of you overly ambitious early birds feel free to tell me about Saturday morning TV nowadays. Has it changed much since the 90s, (assuming that you watched it then too)? If so, has it changed for better or for worse? Favourite programs, crappy programs - I'm curious about them all.

Now if you're wondering what shows I did enjoy watching as a kid, my Saturday morning line up usually included all or some of these shows: Breaker High, HangTime, Saved by the Bell, and DOUG. That being said, you might consider me the type to enjoy shows similar to programs of this nature. Oh and FYI, I hated Barney. But I'm still fairly open minded.

So, again, if you have any recommendations, I'd me more than willing to check them out. I hope to compile a sort of examination of morning TV from the 90s vs. now. And to be honest, I simply don't want to wake up early on Saturday if the shows aren't worth watching. Girls gotta have her sleep. Help a sista out!

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