Sunday, November 25, 2007

It (was) a Twin Thing

You know the "Windows Live Today" window that pops up everytime you log onto MSN? (It tells you how many e-mails are in your inbox, and has other random links to interesting news stories). I barely ever pay attention to it but today I actually clicked on a link. It was about one of the Olsen Twins. And it was about one of the Olsen Twins being in the hospital. My heart dropped when I read the title, as I thought Mary Kate was having another anorexic episode, but to my relief, it was simply a kidney infection that forced her into the hospital. *Phew*.

After reading the "article" (it was like 10 lines long), I wondered to myself why I was so interested in this random celebrity's health issues. Then I realized, this star was not so random to me at all. In fact, I would consider Mary Kate Olsen to be one of my... friends. I've never met either one of the Olsen twins, but still, I pretty much grew up with them. Admitedly, it may have been a "long distance relationshiop", as there was a television screen between us, but I tell you, I love(d) those twins. I mean, who didn't, they were America's favourite twins.

My "friendship" with the twins began with my discovery of Full House in the early 90's. "You're in big trouble mister" and "You got it dude" were as cool as saying "Hollla" today, (right?). They were cute, they were funny, and most of all, they were two. When I found out there was two Michelle's, I became doubly fascinated.

I watched FullHouse faithfully, collected the Michelle Book series, and bought and memorized all of their movies. Two of a Kind, How The West Was Fun, Double Double Toil & Trouble, To Grandmother's House we Go, Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris - I still have e'm all. The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley series was my favourite. It featured the twins solving various mysteries, and I think that was around the time I decided I'd grow up to be a spy. However, my all time favourite MK & A video was definetely "Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Our First Video". The video was just a compilation of songs that the twins sang, but I adored it, and I can honestly still remember the lyrics today.

The twins have been heavily criticized for their lack of acting and singing skills, and I can't say that I do not agree. Past their "prime" (the 90's) they never put on award worthy TV show or movie roles. Anybody remember "So Little Time"? It's kind of like they grew up and lost their ability to "get away" with thier lack of talent. Was it because they weren't cute little Michelle Tanner anymore? Or was it simply because they had grown out of their childhood?

I might wager the guess that it was also because they began to stray away from their "twinness". It seemed that after years of being viewed as one cohesive unit, the girls began to search for their own, seperate, identities. This began with little things - different hair cuts, different fashion choices, and more recently it has turned into taking on independent acting roles. (MK in Factory Girl and The Wackness, and Ashley in the upcoming The Informers) America's favourite twins were definetely my favourite twins in the 90's. I hear of them every once in a while in current Celebrity Gossip, and when I do, I always turn an eager ear. Like today, when I read that MK was in the hospital again, it felt as if a friend was sick. Kudos to Mommy Olsen for auditioning them for Full House. According to Forbes' magainze, they're now estimated at being worth 100 million dollars, and were placed together at #11 richest women on the Celebrity 100 List. Good things come in pairs? Besides the (post 1990) lack of skill and sickly eating disorder, "You got it dude!"

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